Marian Frobe (photo)
Marian Frobe, FOT Board Member, is always
willing to help with a smile!



Friends of Turnbull Store
Our group opened a small store on June 30, 2001. We are staffed with volunteers and are open on weekends only. Our current plans are to be open from March through October yearly, as refuge visitation drops in the winter months. Our store hours are 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Pins, etc. (photo)


Items for sale include all sizes of T-shirts, both long-sleeve and short sleeve for adults, short sleeve only for children's sizes. We also carry regular sweatshirts for both children and adults, and hooded sweatshirts and hooded zip sweatshirts for adults. T-shirts carry the Refuge logo of a wetland with an elk and a great-blue heron. Sweatshirts have the Friends of Turnbull great-blue heron logo embroidered on the left front and both T-shirts and sweatshirts come in a variety of colors. We have T-shirts with a Centennial theme and logo. T-shirts with the International Migratory Bird Day theme should be out before next May.

Shirts (photo)
Pins, T-shirts, sweatshirts and many other items
are reasonably priced and for sale at the
Turnbull Store.

Books (photo)
Environmental and wildlife-related books for
kids as well as adults are available at the
Turnbull Store. All proceeds go to the
Friends of Turnbull and the environmental
education programs at Turnbull.

We are also carrying books for both children and adults with wildlife themes. We stock most of the popular birding guides and most of the Golden Guides, supposedly for children, but useable by any age. There are sticker books, pond life activity books, coloring books, and more. We have stocked several of the popular Lone Pine guides to plants, trees, etc. We have note cards by local artist/photographers that feature scenes and flowers from the Refuge and have a CD screen saver by a local photographer that shows the plants and flowers of Turnbull. Refuge passport books are available, as are collectible pins that show the Friends of Turnbull great-blue heron.

Proceeds from the Friends of Turnbull Store are used toward the environmental e programs at the refuge. If you want more information on prices or a specific book or item, you may contact Marian Frobe, 509-328-0621 or rrfrobe@msn.com.

Displays (photo)
Local wildlife displays give kids
a hands-on opportunity for learning!

Environmental Education Classroom
The newly remodeled EE classroom is now an exciting place for kids and teachers! From the volunteer help of many local businesses and Friends members, the EE classroom is a bright and beautiful place for kids to learn about the environment and local wildlife. All the wildlife displays seen in the following photos are from animals (deceased) found at the refuge or donated by local residents.

Raptors (photo)
Raptors swoop from the ceiling and kids
experience the beauty of wildlife up close.

Other birds (photo)
Other local birds such as woodpeckers are
on display. Note the background murals, done
by local artists, depicting Turnbull habitat.

Look Table (photo)
Here is the "Look Table," at which kids
identify various animals on display.