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The Friends of Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge is a nonprofit organization that advocates for and supports the mandate of the refuge to protect and enhance wildlife and their habitats through education, research, habitat preservation and restoration and compatible public uses.

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors for FOT consists of 10 members. Each position on the Board is exclusively on a voluntary basis and individual terms last for three years. The Board meets on a monthly basis, typically the third Thursday of each month at 5:15 pm. Board meetings are held in the Wren Pierson Community Center in Cheney. If you are interested in speaking with the Board at a meeting or would like to present a discussion to the Board, please contact the President to be scheduled on the monthly meeting agenda. The Board is always looking for interested volunteers for events and activities. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact one of the Board members listed below.

Impacts of Government Shutdown at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Jan. 24, 2019

Visible impacts: The Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge Public Use Area is open to the public, but the office and other headquarters facilities are closed. Public restrooms are open. Limited staff are working at Turnbull and Little Pend Oreille Refuges and currently no Kootenai refuge staff are working. At this point no vandalism or damage to facilities, structures and equipment has occurred.

Turnbull, Kootenai and Little Pend Oreille are all in the Inland Northwest Refuge Complex, with the Complex headquartered at Turnbull.

Work not getting done:
  • Needs assessment for upcoming fire season (equipment, supplies, upgrading wildland fire engine),
  • Coordination meetings postponed/cancelled with other partners (including federal and state).
  • Four weeks of environmental education activities at schools have been cancelled.
  • Planning for the upcoming on-site environmental education program and training of volunteers has been impacted.
  • Coordination with partners for the Refuge's Spring Festival is on hold (federal/state/county/city/private partners).
  • Winter time maintenance of refuge equipment is on hold.
  • Water management is on hold, and facilities management (servicing buildings and road maintenance) is on hold.
  • Personnel actions are on hold:

    Hiring of seasonal employees which usually begins in January has been held up. The list includes firefighters, maintenance, and a biological technician. Two vital, permanent vacancies are waiting to be filled. The loss personally to all staff, in addition to income, is in morale and the uncertainty that it brings to their lives. There is worry about getting work done in a compressed work year, and questions of value and purpose come up. Why are their jobs being de-valued?

    Future impacts:

    Priorities will have to be set, looking at the Refuge's mission. Budget delays will cause many unknowns as no one knows which projects will be funded, what positions will be filled. Depending upon the length of the shutdown, some planned projects/activities may not occur, impairing the refuge's mission progress. While winter visitation is light, as the weather improves, public visitation will grow. The Refuge usually provides Environmental Education activities for 8000 school children, but some will miss out. Wildlife and plant surveys will end up being chopped. Delayed equipment maintenance will impact project work. With the many unknowns, we are concerned.

    The Friends of Turnbull NWR Board of Directors urges members to voice concern over the continued shutdown of the government preventing hard-working Refuge staff from working on the mission of the Refuge. January 24, 2019.


Acting-President:  Lorna Kropp
Vice-president: open
Treasurer: Molly Zammit
Secretary: Nancy Curry


Activities Committee:
Public Awareness Chair: Open
Membership Chair: Olesia Letts
Webmaster: Lorna Kropp
Fund Raising/Auction Chair: Open
Past President/Newsletter Editor:
Board Members: John Barber, Nancy Curry, Joyce Alonso, Priscilla Bowen,
Nature Store Manager:Priscilla Bowen

heron in winter

Friends of Turnbull replace public View Scopes at Pine Lake Overlook

New Glass Eye Viewing Scopes were purchased to replace the orginal ones purchased in 2000.

Dedication of new Viewscopes

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