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Photos by Charles Kerkering
From Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge

Friends of Turnbull
National Wildlife Refuge

Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge is located approximately four miles south of Cheney, Washington and twenty miles southwest of Spokane. The refuge encompasses 18,039 acres, of which approximately 2,300 acres are designated for public use. The setting consists of channeled scabland topography with abundant marshes, ponds and wetlands. The refuge ecosystems are quite varied from dry, sagebrush and grasslands to ponderosa pine forests. The diverse habitats at Turnbull make it a high quality site for breeding and migratory waterfowl. There is also a rich diversity of plants and other wildlife within the refuge. Visitors are encouraged to experience Turnbull via the five and a half mile auto tour route and the many miles of hiking trails within the visitor use area. Because Turnbull is a true wildlife sanctuary, hunting and fishing are not permitted on the refuge and a total of 13,000 acres are dedicated to wildlife preservation.

Join in Fall 2014 Activities:
Any weekend day during the fall:
Family Scavenger Hunt event and check-out of new “Kids Wildlife Viewing Backpacks. Go to the Friends of Turnbull Bookstore in the Refuge Administration Building to check them out while taking a hike on the Refuge. The store hours are Saturday and Sunday 11:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Fall Planting Day to celebrate National Wildlife Refuge Week on October 4, 2014, from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. You are invited to help plant hundreds of native saplings and erect protective fencing, creating "exclosures," along Pine Creek. The work day will finish with a potluck lunch. Please bring along a salad, dessert or dish to go with Hamburgers from the Friends of Turnbull. Groups, please register in advance by calling the Refuge (509) 235-4723 ext. 228.


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Our Mission:
The Friends of Turnbull (FOT) is a nonprofit organization that supports the mandate of the refuge to protect and enhance wildlife and their habitats through education, research, habitat preservation and restoration.


All of the plant and wildlife photos on this site were
taken on site at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge
and provided by Chuck Kerkering. All photo rights
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