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Upcoming Events 

May 5, Sat - Beginning Bird Watching Class #2, register; 8:45 am - noon

May 13, Sat - Floods, Flowers, Feathers at Refuge and Mayfest, downtown Cheney

May 27, Sat - Spring and Mating Colors Bird Walk ; 8:00 am - noon; register

June 3, Sat - Beginning Bird Watching Class #2, register; 8:45 am - noon

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The Friends of Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge is a nonprofit organization that supports the mandate of the refuge to protect and enhance wildlife and their habitats through education, research, habitat preservation and restoration. Click the tabs below to find out how we meet this mission.

  • Education
  • Research
  • Habitat

Friends of Turnbull supports the education mission of the Refuge by encouraging volunteers to help with the various programs and by raising funds to help support the several environmental education interns who facilitate environmental education for school groups on and off refuge. The refuge’s environmental education program increases environmental awareness for up to 8,500 students annually. Friends of Turnbull also offers educational events and workshops for the general public.

education classroom
education - beetle up close
education hike
education outreach-tracks

The Friends of Turnbull members may assist the refuge biologists with wildlife and habitat surveys and bird counts and banding. The group also supports student researchers from area colleges and universities, particularly Eastern Washington University, with occasional material support and presentation event audiences.

research bird banding
research - bird in hand research - trees
research - surveys

The Friends of Turnbull participates with event support and volunteers in the bi-annual planting and habitat restoration events on the Refuge.

habitat - tree planting
haabitat - riparian planting habitat trees